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Popular Features for Fireworks Stores

Package Types
Age Verification
Prompt for Package Size
Product Quick Add and Copy Product
Online Cart
Credit Cards
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Package Types

Sell and receive by an unlimited number of package sizes!

Products are set up in “package families”, that group all sizes of a product together and allows you to set parent/child relationships. This ensures that as you break up and sell different package sizes, your inventory stays accurate.

Alias Product Codes

Create an unlimited number of aliases for a product.  If you have products that have more than one barcode, you can still easily manage the inventory.  No matter what code you scan, you will get the correct product and accurate track incoming and outgoing product.

Age Verification

No extra equipment needed for age verification.

Scan 2D drivers license bar code to verify customer’s age at any time during a sale with the same scanner used for scanning bar codes on products. Record the scan to retain proof of checking IDs.

Prompt for Package Size

Sometimes, there is only one bar code shared between 2 or more package sizes within a family.

PyroModo’s prompt for package size feature, allows you to set up the family, so that if that bar code is scanned, the cashier will be prompted to select which size they are selling.

Product Quick Add and Copy Product

New products with the latest and greatest features are constantly being manufactured and sold. PyroModo allows for quick entry, but providing a step by step wizard to create and entire family at once.

New version of an existing product? Use the copy product feature to copy an existing family and rename.

Pomodo Cart for Online Shopping

Give your customers another reason to shop with you.  Set up an online shopping cart that ties directly to your PyroModo solution.  Pomodo Cart Features include:

  • Take advantage of all of Pomodo’s advanced inventory features while fully integrating with your online stock.
  • Show multiple sizes available for 1 product
  • Allow or hide quantities at the cart level
  • Control the % of your inventory you want available online
  • Show smaller package size quantities based on larger, breakable package sizes if using the Pomodo package family feature.
  • Manage customers and track purchase history
  • Allow customer to select pick up date and time
  • Direct credit card integration to avoid high gateway fees
  • Set up cart specific price level
  • Pull orders down to the Pomodo Cloud to manage all sales in one place

Credit Card Processing Done Right

Integrated Processing

Still using a separate terminal? With Pomodo, credit cards are fully integrated with Point of Sale.  This helps speed up the checkout process, and avoids human error and the need to reconcile every day.

One Stop Support

Pomodo is a certified agent for one of the world’s largest credit card processors.  One call does it all from billing to tech support, we handle all or your credit card processing questions.

Competitive Rates

Being integrated to one of the world’s largest credit card processors, allows Pomodo to give you the most competitive rates.  If you are already with another processor, we will do a detailed comparison based on your current statements.

Pomodo’s Partner

866 Get Pyro

Pomodo works with a unique vendor who allows customers from all over the country to shop online on a highly marketed site, to help you sell products from your store.  Buy and sell unique products and be a part of a community that helps you grow.  Ask us about getting set up with a meeting to learn more!  Or visit the link below!

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