Signature optional for EMV Chip Cards

Sep 8, 2018

Signature optional for EMV Chip Cards

According to Visa as of April 14th 2018 EMV embedded merchants in the US and Canada will now have the option to stop capturing signatures as a method of cardholder validation those same Merchants will also no longer be required to retain and store transaction receipts.

Note: Non-EMV-enabled merchants and swiped only cards must continue to follow existing acceptance practices regarding cardholder verification and receipt retention.


For transactions on or after 14 April 2018, EMV-enabled merchants in the U.S. and Canada will not be required to fulfill retrieval requests. However, EMV-enabled merchants will still be responsible for responding to retrieval requests for transactions prior to 14 April 2018 based on prior existing rules. Note: Non-EMV-enabled merchants will continue to be responsible for responding to retrieval requests based on today’s rules. From 13 October 2018, issuers will be prohibited from submitting retrieval requests for transactions at EMV-enabled terminals in the U.S. and Canada.

EMV Liability

These changes will have no impact on disputes related to the EMV liability shift, including treatment of fallback transactions. Note: Merchants that are not enabled for contact EMV will continue to be liable for counterfeit fraud when it occurs on a chip-enabled card, regardless of whether there is a signature, PIN, or “no CVM.”

No More Signing on the Dotted Line MasterCard

American Express has announced that it will no longer require signatures for credit card purchases beginning in April 2018, joining Discover and MasterCard, which have also announced similar changes. … Unlike other card companies, American Express is doing away with signatures globally, instead of just in the US. Dec 11, 2017

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