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If you are currently using Quickbooks and want to make a quick and easy transition before it is discontinued, you’ve come to the right place!
Why Pomodo POS?
POS Application Features
Control and Security Features
Pricing Flexibility
Customer Management
Inventory Management
Multiple Locations
Credit Cards

Pomodo will make it easy!

Pomodo will help guide you to export your data from Quickbooks.

We will import your products into Pomodo so you are ready to go quickly.

We will import your customer data, including accounts receivable balances.

With a user friendly windows desktop POS that syncs back to a cloud back office, you get the best solution with the reliability of a desktop POS and the convenience and flexibility of a cloud back office.

Pomodo can work with you to maintain your current processes, while giving you the ability to enhance them.

Set up a demo today to see how we can take away the stress of switching systems!


Top Industries Served

  • General Retail
  • Fireworks Wholesale and Retail
  • Thrift Stores / Non-Profits
  • Tobacco Stores
  • Clubs and American Legions
  • Quick Serve
  • And so many more!


BeerModo is Pomodo’s point of sale software made specifically for beer stores, providing all of the necessary features to manage alcohol sales.

Register Features

Custom POS Screens

Customize your POS screens and features for ease of use.  Control what departments, categories, and products show up on specific registers.  If you have multiple registers each can be set up differently.

Employee Scan Cards

Provide employees with scan cards for added security.

On Hold Feature

Place transactions on hold and recall them at a later time.  Flag them as a future order to be able to recall them on another day.

Custom Reference Fields

Set up custom fields for special data including text, numeric, and date fields.

Custom Receipt Templates

Customize header and footer messages on your receipt for special notifications.

Quick Cash

One touch checkout with our quick cash feature.  Scan your items, and if the customer is paying cash, you can complete the order with one touch.

Custom URL Buttons

Add custom URL buttons to your menu to easily open up web pages right from your Point of Sale.

2 Line Customer Display

Set up a customer display to allow the customer to see the price on the other side of the register.

Gain Control Over your Business

Day to Day Operations

Control your sales through our desktop application that syncs back to our cloud back office on a schedule.  If your internet is down, you will still be able to ring up sales, and sync those sales when the internet is back up.

Cash Drawer Management

Manage cash from open to close including sales, cash drops, payouts, and more!  Detailed closing reports generated at end of day.

User Management

Manage cashiers and set permissions to better control what employees can and cannot do. Pomodo also offers an employee timeclock for employees to clock in and out.  Managers can edit and run reports on employee time for payroll from the Pomodo Cloud.

Pin Options for Manager Overrides

Set up manager pins and control when a manager override is required.

Void and No Sale Reporting

Easily see voids and no sales being completed by your cashiers

Multiple Discount and Pricing Options

Price Levels

Set up levels based on a variety of options and assign pricing to a customer so that they always get that pricing when they shop with you.

Automatic Discounts

  • Mix and Match: Discount when buying a certain quantity of similar items.
  • Quantity per item: Discount when buying a certain quantitiy of the exact same item.
  • Buy X Get Y: Receive items free or at a discounted price when buying a certain quantity of those items at regular price.

Volume Discounts

Set up product specific volume discounts to give price breaks for buying in bulk.

Manual Discounts

Manually discount at the Point of Sale (permission based).


Pomodo CRM

Customer Details

Keep track of customer information including multiple bill to and ship to addresses.

Purchase History

View customer purchase history and pull up receipts from previous sales.

Accounts Receivable

Set up customers with accounts receivable to allow them to pay on terms.  Customize terms, take payments, view aging reports, and send statements.

Customer Loyalty

Set up a customer loyalty program to allow your customers to earn points for signing up, visiting your store, and purchasing.  Offer product or coupon rewards.

Price Levels

Give customers special pricing by assigning a price level to them.


Create lists based on a variety of criteria to send out bulk emails.  Ask us about our partner, Constant Contact!

Inventory Management

Pomodo has a full suite of inventory management options that will help you to manage your inventory levels.  Popular features include:

  • Low Stock Notifications
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Barcoding
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Multiple Package Sizes
  • Physical Inventory
  • Detailed Inventory Reporting


Pomodo Cart

Powered by WooCommerce

Full tight inventory integration

  • Product variance feature allows you to easily show different package sizes available
  • Show or not show quantity available online
  • Control the % of your inventory available online
  • Show parent’s child’s quantity (i.e. if you have 1 case of 4 six packs, under your 6 pack item you can show a quantity of 4. If sold both inventories adjust)


  • Avoid gateway fees with a direct integration to credit card processing
  • Automatically pull orders into your Pomodo Cloud
  • Manage inventory and sales from all channels in one location


  • Knowledgeable staff to get your cart up and running
  • Expandable with optional plugins
  • Make your shopping cart your new website, or put a link on your existing website to go to your new shopping cart – you choose
  • Hosted and maintained with Pomodo


Pomodo offers an “HQ” feature that allows for multiple locations.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage all locations.  Keep products consistent by setting them up in HQ and pushing them down to selected locations.


From HQ report on single locations or all locations.

User Management

Users can be set up to log in to specific stores or HQ to see all stores.

Transfer Between Locations

Manage location stock by transfering inventory between your locations.

Global Customers

Customers are global across all locations.  Loyalty and accounts receiveable information is available at all stores.


Multiple locations can be tied to one cart, showing available quantity at each location and you can even allow customers to select what location they want to pick up from.

Credit Card Processing Done Right

Integrated Processing

Still using a separate terminal? With Pomodo, credit cards are fully integrated with Point of Sale.  This helps speed up the checkout process, and avoids human error and the need to reconcile every day.

One Stop Support

Pomodo is a certified agent for one of the world’s largest credit card processors.  One call does it all from billing to tech support, we handle all or your credit card processing questions.

Competitive Rates

Being integrated to one of the world’s largest credit card processors, allows Pomodo to give you the most competitive rates.  If you are already with another processor, we will do a detailed comparison based on your current statements.


Pomodo’s hardware comes with an unprecendented next business day replacement service.

Top of the Line Equipment

Get reliable commercial grade equipment that is also supported and warrantied

Bundle Options

Bundles available to get you exactly what you need to get started for your industry.

A la Carte Options

If a full bundle is not right for you, pick and choose what you need.

Use your own Hardware

It is possible to get software only and use your own hardware if compatible.  Click the link below to go to our hardware compatibility page.


Supplies for the hardware purchased from Pomodo are also available.

What Our Customers Say About Us…


We started using Pomodo in April 2020, just before the pandemic started. The easy to use and flexibility in the system helped up keep new personnel trained and our doors open throughout.


Nicolis Murray
WR Hickey’s Beer Distributor
I had to switch software and found Pomodo,

Dealing with Sasha was a pleasure. She was great at getting questions answered and always offering to help. The system is a dream to operate and I can’t say enough praise for the tech guys. Bottom line is my company has been a family business for the last 73 years. We have had a few software companies and by far pomodo is the best.

Mark Morelli
Morelli Beer l, LLC
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