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Accessibility is key, so stay in front of your customers with an online shopping cart.  Don’t miss out on any sales!

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Pomodo Cart Offers Flexible Solutions

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Standard Cart for Retail

Business to Business

  • Require login to shop
  • Set up multiple contacts with ability to shop under one customer
  • Customizable price levels that sync to cart
  • Pay invoice online

Create parts or product lists with or without the option to purchase

Donation page for non profits

….the options are endless!

Control your Inventory

Sync your inventory levels across all sales channels in store and online to ensure accuracy.

Take advantage of all of Pomodo’s advanced inventory features while fulling integrating with your online stock.

Create a cart specific price level for custom cart pricing.

Show multiple sizes available for 1 product

Allow or hide quantities at the cart level

Control the % of your inventory you want available online

Show smaller package size quantities based on larger, breakable package sizes if using the Pomodo package family feature.

Customize your customer’s experience to make finding their favorite products easy!

Manage orders from all sales channels in one system

  • Automatically pull online orders in to Pomodo
  • Customize pick up dates and times with preset availability
  • Make your cart your main website, or put a link on your website to go to your cart
  • Avoid gateway fees with direct credit card processing integration
  • Run reports across multiple channels – select one channel or all to know what is selling and where

Manage Customers

  • Whether first buying online or in store, customers can be synced between the channels.
  • Maintain customer information including basic information, multiple addresses, and fields customized by you.
  • Keep track of customer order history.
  • Run reports on customer sales based on customer, timeframe, and a variety of filter criteria.
  • Ask us about email marketing with Constant Contact!

Optional Cart Plugins for a Customized Experience

  • Pick up date and time: Set pick up date and time options for your customer’s convenience.
  • Surcharges: Set up surcharges specific payment types.
  • Customer Role Based Pricing: Link Pomodo’s price levels to customer roles in the cart so that your customers get their pricing online and in store.  Automatically adjust price levels based on customer sales during a specified time period.
  • Credit Cards: Link your credit card processing in the cart down to your Pomodo Cloud.  Easily process returns right from Pomodo.
  • Follow Along Items: When a customer selects one item for their cart, force another required item in the cart as well.

Sample Sites

These sites demonstrate the power, flexibility, and scalability of the Pomodo Cart

Beer Cart

General Retail

coming soon…

Business to Business

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Internal Ordering

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