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Below are some frequently asked questions.  If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to reach out anytime!

What's In My Subscription?

Your subscription includes access to your Pomodo Cloud, Monday through Friday 9-5 Support, after hours emergency support, software updates and bug fixes.  You also have a dedicated Account Manager and unlimited “Trian the Trainer” training.

Can I Use My Credit Card Processor?

You can!  Pomodo does not restrict what processor you use, but if using another processor, it will not be integrated.  Your processor would have to provide you with a separate terminal.

Why Should I Integrate my Credit Cards?

Having your credit cards integrated is simply easier and has less room for error. 

When using a separate credit card terminal, your cashier can enter the wrong dollar amount into the credit card terminal and not charge the customer accurately based on what was rung up in the Point of Sale. This can be a reconciliation nightmare and lead to lost revenue or frustrated customers.

With a separate credit card processor, you also have 2 separate support groups.  Pomodo cannot support another processor or another processors hardware.  If integrated, Pomodo supports everything.

Why Pomodo?

When you get down to it, most software has similar features and functionality.  While that is important, our number one goal is long term relationships with our customers.  We are able to do this by listening to our customers, enhancing and adding to our software based on the most requested features, and being flexible.

The bottom line is we care about each and every customer!

How does Support Work?

Pomodo’s support is Monday – Friday 9-5 for standard support, questions, and training.  We have after hour support for evenings and weekends for emergencies.  Emergencies are the inability to use your Pomodo Software, credit cards not processing or failing hardware.

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