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Below are some frequently asked questions.  If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to reach out anytime!

What's In My Subscription?

Your subscription includes access to your Pomodo Cloud, Monday through Friday 9-5 Support, after hours emergency support, software updates and bug fixes.  You also have a dedicated Account Manager and unlimited “Train the Trainer” training.

How does training work?

You get unlimited training with your Pomodo Subscription.  We have a training process you go through when you first sign up with Pomodo and after that, you will be able to schedule additional training as needed.  We ask that you have a designated person at your business who will be trained, and that person will train other employees.

We have found that everyone conducts business differently, and has different internal policies.  When we train the owner or manager, they can then take that and translate it to employees based on internal policies.  When there are too many people on a training session, it can often turn into discussions about internal policies vs learning the software.

Can I Use My Credit Card Processor?

You can!  Pomodo does not restrict what processor you use, but if using another processor, it will not be integrated.  Your processor would have to provide you with a separate terminal.

Why Should I Integrate my Credit Cards?

Having your credit cards integrated is simply easier and has less room for error.

When using a separate credit card terminal, your cashier can enter the wrong dollar amount into the credit card terminal and not charge the customer accurately based on what was rung up in the Point of Sale. This can be a reconciliation nightmare and lead to lost revenue or frustrated customers.

With a separate credit card processor, you also have 2 separate support groups.  Pomodo cannot support another processor or another processor’s hardware.  If integrated, Pomodo supports everything.

How does Support Work?

Pomodo’s support is Monday – Friday 9-5 for standard support, questions, and training.  We have after hour support evenings and weekends for emergencies.  Emergencies are the inability to use your Pomodo Software, credit cards not processing or failing hardware.

While Pomodo will take support calls from employees, it is recommended that employees go through an owner or manager first prior to calling, especially if it could relate to an internal policy vs. the functionality of the software or hardware.

Can you import my data?

Pomodo has data import spreadsheets that can be provided for you to enter your data on for a one time bulk import when signing up (there may or may not be a charge for this depending in your data).  These spreadsheets can typically be filled out by copying and pasting columns from exported reports from your existing system.

It is important to note that not all systems treat and handle data the same way.  It is possible that there were work arounds done in your existing system to handle certain types of data, or your bar codes are not consistent, or a variety of other challenges that may not translate cleanly into Pomodo.  Pomodo will make every effort to work with the data provided, but we cannot make any guarantees on the data import. This could result in the need for some data entry or clean up following the import.  We will not always know this prior to seeing your data.  If the data import is extremely important to you, talk to your sales rep to make sure you have a complete understanding of this.

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How can I get the most out of my Pomodo Software?

The number one piece of advice we can give you is to take ownership of your software.  Pomodo is always here to support you, but knowledge is power.  This is your system and your data.  The more you know about the software and how it works, the easier time you will have implementing it and relating it to your business and your current policies.

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