Pomodo Import and Record Update Policy

Updated 10-11-2023

Data Import and Record Update Policy


Pomodo has data import spreadsheets that can be provided for you to enter your data for a bulk import.  It is important to note that not all systems treat and handle data the same way.  It is possible that there were work arounds done in your existing system to handle certain types of data, or your bar codes are not consistent, or a variety of other challenges that may not translate cleanly into Pomodo.  Pomodo will make every effort to work with the data provided, but we cannot make any guarantees on the data import. This could result in the need for some data entry or clean up following the import.  We will not always know this prior to seeing your data.  If the data import is extremely important to you, talk to your sales rep to make sure you have a complete understanding of this.

Initial Import :

All rules indicated on the import spreadsheet provided to customer must be followed in order to have a successful import.  The more information provided for the initial import, the better the customer experience will be.


*Records is a combination of total number of lines on the import spreadsheets for the combined product, customer, and vendor imports.

5,000 or under:  First Import: FREE
Additional Imports: $199

5,001 – 10,000:   $299 per import

10,001 – 20,000:  $499 per import

20,001 +:  Custom quote

Pomodo is not responsible for any missing or incorrect information on the import spreadsheet.  Please review carefully before submitting for import.  If you have any questions at all contact your onboarding specialist to make sure you are filling out the spreadsheets correctly.

Record Updates:

Record updates are anything that require Pomodo to run queries on the database to update information.


$20 for every 500 records updated.  The number of records to be charged will round up to the next 500 increment.  For example, if updating 700 records, the price would be $40.

Standard Record Updates include:

  1. Simple, one field updates to inventory. For example, pulling quantities from an old system right before going live to update the inventory in Pomodo.
  2. Customer Loyalty Points. For example, pulling customer loyalty points from an old system to update Pomodo right before going live.
  3. Price Changes

More involved record updates will be quoted separately based on the level of effort to create the queries to make the requested changes.

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