It all starts with inventory

Inventory Management

Count, track, transfer, and manage your products and unique data. Know what you have and what you need so that you can accurately plan ahead.

Popular Features
Control Over Inventory
Inventory Movement

Popular Features

Low Inventory Notifications

Get notified when inventory is low on key items based on a trigger or a schedule.

Bar Code Management

Scan items in and out of inventory, and print and manage bar codes.

Quantity Control

Know what you have on hand, what is preparing to go out, what is coming in, and what is available.

Multiple Package Sizes

Set up product families with multiple levels to manage package sizes like single items and cases.

Inventory Snapshot

Schedule your inventory snapshot report that can tell you department inventory value at a specified time.


Have multiple codes for an item using the alias feature.  No matter which code you scan or enter, your product will come up.

Inventory Classes

If you have new and used items, use the inventory class feature to tie your customizable “classes” together.


Control over Inventory

Multiple Level Classifications

3 levels for classifying products including departments, categories, and sub categories.  Additional options include unit of measure, and unlimited custom fields.

Vendor and Manufacturer Management

Keep track of vendors, vendor reorder numbers, vendor cost, and vendor basic info, and manufacturers for each product.

Various Product Types

Lot items, serialized items, square footage items, inventory classes, modifiers, follow along, and so much more!

Kits and Assemblies

Ability to group items together in pre-made kits or assemblies that can be built as you go.

Inventory Movement

Purchase Orders

Create, print, email and customize purchase orders to your vendors. Create manually, based on sales during a selected timeframe, or pre-determined re-order levels.


Easily Transfer items in and out of inventory and track where they are coming from or going to. When using HQ for multiple locations, transfer between your locations with ease.

Associate transfers with vendors, customers, or create your own label.

Product Quick Add

Easily add new products, or copy existing products to put new items into inventory.

Product History

Each product has a history of manual changes, and all movement including purchase orders, transfers, sales, and package breaking.

Multiple Sales Channel Support

Use our order fulfillment, eCommerce, or Point of Sale options to manage your sales process along with your inventory.

  • Item pricing and cost
  • Multiple variations of discounts and price levels
  • Price check/change feature
  • Mark up from cost
  • Follow along items – when adding an item to an order, follow along additional required items

Pomodo Point of Sale

Pomodo offers a point of sale that syncs back to the cloud.  If selling out of a brick and mortar location, get all need in one place.  Manage your day to day sales while keeping track of inventory.  Know what you have, what you’re selling, and what you need to keep in stock.


Bar Code Printing and Scanning

We sell and support all of the bar code printing and scanning equipment you will need.

Handheld for Inventory

Get a handheld with a built in scanner to make managing inventory more mobile.

Bundle Options

Bundles available to get you exactly what you need to get started.

Use your Own Hardware

It is possible to get software only and use your own hardware if compatible.

What Our Customers Say About Us…

We are a non-profit that uses Pomodo as our inventory tracking system and we love it. It’s easy to use and easy to teach. The tech support is above and beyond the competition.

Karla Chapman

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