Tell-tale signs you need to make a change and upgrade your credit card processing

Dec 29, 2017

Tell-tale signs you need to make a change and upgrade your credit card processing

Still using an “old school” swipe credit card reader?

Still using a separate terminal?

Not yet using “chip” EMV

You could be losing money and encouraging fraud

Prevent fraud and chargebacks by

Integrating credit cards direct within your software

No need for reconciliation

Signature Capture and easy recall to reprint receipts with signature

EMV “Chip Readers” are standard

Swipe credit card readers are not secure

Security starts here

End-to-end encryption (E2EE)


PCI compliant with Secure plus is available

Special Pomodo Software features

Under 50$ no signature required option

Tip control

Card on file for returns and Recurring billing

Gift Cards and Loyalty


Never again not be able to take a credit card

Store and forward feature allows you “store “capture the credit card when your internet is down and when your internet is back up “forward” send the card over for processing.

Pomodo offers a Virtual Credit Card Terminal on the Pomodo Cloud so you can take credit cards on your mobile device or PC anytime anywhere.

Pomodo Support

Because of our relationship with our preferred credit card processor we can offer one stop support calling.

Easy Integration means no finger pointing if you have technical challenges.

A full credit card Portal to see all statements and real time reports.

Hardware replacement option on credit card hardware.

All of this and more plus competitive rates.


* Some features listed maybe future released or options.

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