QuickBooks Point of Sale Discontinued

Jul 27, 2023

Don’t panic – Finding a replacement for QuickBooks POS doesn’t have to be hard


QuickBooks POS is a point of sale system that has been around for a long time, and it’s been popular with small businesses because it was easy to use, simple to set up and didn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. In addition to it’s simplicity, because QuickBooks POS was cost effective, it was a good way for small businesses to get started. It was a great solution for many years, but now there are better options available.


Pomodo is a point of sale with cloud back office that provides everything you need to manage your business in one place. The best part? You can import all of your existing data from QuickBooks into Pomodo! Pomodo can help you import your QuickBooks POS data so you don’t have to start from scratch.


You don’t have to stress about learning a new software either – Pomodo POS is extremely user friendly, and you will have access to a dedicated trainer to make sure you are comfortable with the transition.


Why Pomodo?

Pomodo is a hybrid desktop Point of Sale application with cloud back office solution that gives business owners the best of both worlds – the reliability of a desktop application and the flexibility of access from anywhere. It includes features like: inventory management, customer control, accounts receivable, user control, and reporting – all in one place. Plus, Pomodo has an online ordering solution with Pomodo Cart powered by Woo Commerce so you can take your sales online!


Still a little nervous?

You don’t have to be, when you have access to Pomodo’s support team!  The Pomodo team is knowledgeable, ready to help, and gives you the option of submitting support tickets or calling and talking to someone.

There are a lot of Point of Sale solutions out there.  No matter what you choose, find a vendor who works hard for you and gives you the support you need.


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